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My approach to psychotherapy is Jungian, although I  am familiar with Lacanian, Object-RElations, Humanistic and Existential methods to address human sufferings.

Nevertheless, when working with patients, I focus on addressing the individual in their own uniqueness, rather than theories. The aim is to facilitate emotional exploration and develop insight.

This also applies when the “patient” of therapy is the relationship between two individuals.

I believe that an analytic, yet flexible therapeutic approach tailored to the patient’s needs offers a real opportunity to feel stronger within; it helps build ‘tools’ to face future challenges and make decisions that are based on a more authentic sense of self.

This process takes time and energy and might feel difficult at times but it can be very rewarding in terms of inner growth.

I am academically and clinically trained and abide by HCPC, BPC, and BACP codes of ethics.

I offer a strictly confidential, secure and highly professional relationship in a caring and containing environment to facilitate the therapeutic process.

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