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1:2 therapy ( couples and other relationships)

I offer 1:2 therapy to couples and  people who aren’t romantically involved ( ie. Friends, colleagues, siblings, parents and adult children, in-laws, separated or divorced couples, business partners, and relatives)


Pairs of any kind can benefit hugely from addressing issues together in a safe space.

Couple Therapy is a safe space in which to discuss issues that, when couples handle only by themselves, can easily descend into conflicts.

When we feel that we haven’t ourselves been heard, we are less likely to want to hear. In the consulting room, everyone can safely have their say, can feel acknowledged.

In  1:2 sessions, the therapist allows each person to express feelings (however awkward) but never takes either of their sides.

The therapist can hold both parties back for just long enough that they can start to understand what the other is going through.

A common fear is that the therapist may take the other person's side in the relationship.

There is in practice no such danger. The therapist’s only responsibility is to the relationship itself.


Some couples want to make their relationship work better, some want help to separate, and some couples are on different pages or aren’t quite sure what they want.

In 1:2 therapy, I usually offer to start on a time-limited contract of 12 sessions, which is extendable if we all feel that longer-term work would be more beneficial for you both.

It might also happen that, over the course of couple therapy, it is discovered that part of the issue affecting the relationship is that one or both partners may be struggling with deeper difficulties.

Conditions such as Depression, PTSD, and Substance Abuse can indeed affect the functioning of a relationship.

Some other times, one or both partners may have long-standing patterns of disrupted attachment: this might interfere with the ability to experience a fulfilling relationship.

In these situations, it is often advisable to have longer-term support for the relationship.

These are aspects we will  discuss in the first meeting and during the course of therapy. 

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