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Individual psychotherapy

Psychotherapy isn't about me giving you advice or solving your problems for you. Rather, it is about enabling you to find the best way to move forward, emotionally and psychologically.

While therapy in itself cannot fix problems, the insight it provides can help people think about their problems differently: this can, in turn, help them to manage these problems more creatively and constructively.


A Psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy uproots difficulties at the deepest levels, rather than "tidying you up" at the surface. 

This process might feel difficult at times, and certainly isn’t the easiest of journeys, but can bring about a deep-seated change (See also: FAQ). 

It provides a unique opportunity for exploring one’s personality and underlying patterns of behaviour, and fosters the individual’s understanding of themselves and their difficulties as well as the way they relate to others.

Analyst and Analysand work together to explore troublesome -often longstanding- conflicts that limit the patient's quality of life in the present.

The coping strategies and defences that have enabled you to survive have often acquired a life of their own, which interferes with your ability to live your life to the full.

It is very likely that any difficulties that a person experiences in their life will manifest in the relationship with the psychotherapist in some way (a process known as "transference").

Through the transference, analyst and analysand can then address these difficulties first-hand and work them through together.

The process of analysis can be difficult and painful at times, and some courage and resolve are needed by you as a patient in order to face the issues that may arise.

Also, the experience of feeling understood -however relieving - is usually accompanied by anxiety.

Feelings of shame and guilt are common as the process begins to take effect.  Accordingly, one might 'feel worse' at times when core changes are taking place.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy is, usually, open-ended.

Many people find this deep level of therapy enlivening, enriching and profoundly life-changing.

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