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Albion Psychotherapy abides by BPC and HCPC Codes of Practice.

The approach to psychotherapy offered at Albion Psychotherapy is Jungian.


1.     Session frequency

Consistency is a key aspect for therapy to be effective in the long term, the minimum frequency is weekly.

Sessions will be held at the same time/day every week: this will be our regular space, which is reserved for the sole purpose of our sessions.


2.     Cancellations, Missed sessions, DNA

The therapeutic relationship is one in which your therapist commits and protects time for you.  It is helpful if there is a reciprocal commitment of time on your part in order to maximise this mutual engagement. 

Albion Psychotherapy follows the usual practice of charging for your missed sessions (planned and unplanned, also when notice is given).  There is no charge for sessions cancelled by your therapist.

With that in mind:


·       if you cancel a session with at least 1 week notice, I will try to offer an alternative space (this is subject to availability, and I cannot guarantee I will be able to reschedule our session).

·       Should either of us be occasionally unable to be present in-person, the sessions can be carried out over the phone or online (Microsoft Teams or Facetime).

·       Sessions cannot be carried over from one week to the next (if a session is cancelled, it cannot be rescheduled for the following week).

·      holidays are counted as missed sessions, although I don't charge for holidays that coincide with Bank Holidays and  therapy breaks such as Christmas, Spring, Summer etc. Exceptions might apply and we will be able to discuss this in the room.


·       I don't charge for sessions that I might cancel.

·       In the rare event of a cancelled session that I was able to reschedule for you, but that was eventually cancelled by me (i.e., Due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstances), the session will be charged at 50% of your sessional fee.


3.     Holidays

Therapy will usually  have breaks around Christmas, Easter, Summer, Bank Holidays. I include break dates in the invoice preceding each break.


4.     Termination Policy:

Therapy can be stopped at any time. However, I ask for 6 weeks’ notice (at our usual frequency, excluding any breaks). The rationale behind this is that psychotherapy is a 2-person process, and anything that might happen always does so within the shared space of our relationship. It is important we have time to explore feelings and thoughts of any type that relate to our work.


5.      Fees

Sessions are invoiced at the end of each month and payable within 1 week from the date shown on the invoice.

If you are paying via insurance, fees are collected weekly via the Healthcode insurance platform.

Fees are reviewed annually, for changes (if any) to existing therapies to apply from the 1st of April. You will see a “proposed change” on March invoice.

We will review sessional fees in the eventuality of our arrangements being changed (from once weekly to twice or thrice weekly sessions)

My fee structure is published here:


6.     Privacy Policy

Information we collect and hold:

·       Your name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number

·       Correspondence with you

·       Records of session attendance



7.     Confidentiality

Confidentiality includes not just the contents of therapy, but often the fact that you are in therapy.

There are a few instances that represent an exception:

·       If the patient poses a danger to themselves or others.

·       If the therapist suspects the abuse of a child or an elderly or otherwise dependent adult

·       Court subpoena.

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