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Barbara Dora O.


PsyD, PGDip, MSc

Psychologist ~ analytical psychologist  ~ Psychotherapist

I am both a psychologist and a psychotherapist with 6+ years of experience in the NHS as a psychodynamic psychotherapist.

Currently, I am registered with the following Councils/Associations:

  • BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council)

  • HCPC ( Health and Care Professions Councils)

  • SAP (Society of Analytical Psychology)

  • IAAP (International Association of Analytical Psychology)

As a psychotherapist, I trained with the Society of Analytical Psychology (London). As a psychologist, I studied and trained in Italy and the UK.

My approach to psychotherapy is Jungian, but I do not rule out other models to make sense of inner struggles.

I  believe that there is no one formula that fits all, which is why I often integrate several evidence-based theories to what might be best suited to you. My core belief is that each person is unique in the way they experience life - ranging from the stresses of daily life to deep-rooted issues.

Most of all, I focus on developing the person’s understanding of their inner world, whilst appreciating the reality of the external environment and present dilemmas, conflicts, contradictory feelings and dreams.

This process takes time, and may not be the easiest journey, but offers a real opportunity for people to feel stronger in themselves.

My academic and clinical background familiarised me with the work of Lacan, Freud, Klein, and the British Object Relations theorists as well as cognitive approaches to mental suffering and I offer both open-ended and time-limited therapy.

I have extensive experience working with difficulties related to life transitions as well as struggles with mood, depression, anxiety, fear of intimacy (including emotional intimacy), attachment,  poor body image, internalised shame, trauma, and eating disorders.

 In particular, I have a special interest in relational struggles, identity, Gender and Relationship Diversity.

I offer:

  • Intensive work with long-term complex problems including abusive relationships, trauma, and anxiety states.

  • Work on focused areas such as family problems; relationships and conflict, life transitions and work stress.

  • Couples therapy.


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